Your Small Business in Twitter.

Business Tips in Twitter. Your Purpose Is necessary have a goal in mind, your purpose could be to find more customers, or get more reach in the business, once you have your purpose in mind is time to start.

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Google Plus Business Page.

Easy Tips to Start. Use Hashtags Google Plus offers hashtags similar to Twitter, hashtags are very useful but be sure to use it frequently and strategically, check whats is trending and use it at your favor.

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How to Do Good Marketing?

Start With the Right Foot. Update your Email Lists Clear your email list, erase the inactive and duplicate contacts so can focus on engaging your most interested customers.

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How Much Traffic Exist in Twitter?

Twitter Statistics. Total number of active registered Twitter users (645,750,000) Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday (135,000) Number of unique Twitter site visitors every month (190 million)

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