Emotional Branding: 5 Strategies To Get and Keep The Right Customers

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There is an ever increasing number of entrepreneurs that would benefit from understanding that they must trigger prospective customers emotionally in order for them to buy their product or hire them for their services. Tapping into the emotions that solicit a call to action. Since most often our first interaction with prospective customers is on the web or through promotional efforts, this is accomplished by what I call Emotional Branding.

Emotional branding is branding and business strategies for businesses that need to trigger an emotional response in order for customers to be motivated to buy.

Emotional branding is what separates you from the masses. It’s having a brand image and brand message that triggers your audience to engage in the first place and builds lasting relationships. Motivating them to work with you, and only you to the point where they almost can’t imagine working with anyone else. What you charge becomes far less relevant.

Do you want customers so excited that they feel like they have just discovered the greatest business in your field? Do you want to only work with the right customers that are eager to pay you what you’re worth? Do you want to move people with your message and get easy referrals? Emotional branding can accomplish this and there are five specific branding strategies you need to know.

First emotional branding tip.

How does the world look from your customer’s perspective? This is especially important to understand if the lifestyle of those you serve is different than your own. You want to know what triggers them emotionally. What do they really value? What experiences are they used to? What are their expectations? What’s the look and feel of other businesses they frequent? The bottom line is, you want to know what matters to THEM.

Second emotional branding tip.

This is related to the first but also very different. Let me ask if you know this scenario. You know that feeling you get when someone in your life does something for you that you didn’t even ask for and that action has overwhelming meaning? It is only because they know you so well that they would even know this would be meaningful for you. It’s like they are speaking your secret love language. That someone in your life is one-step ahead of you. Perhaps they have taken something off of your to-do list because they know it will make your life easier. Ah..doesn’t that feel great? This is called knowing someone’s deeper need. Something that is meaningful we don’t even know to ask for. Our customers have deeper needs, too. These are the things that surprise and delight them, even shock them, because it’s so rare they experience this level of care and being understood in business. It most definitely creates an emotional connection.

Third emotional branding tip.

Help your customers come to the realization on their own that you are the right service and person for them. Your branding, tag lines, and marketing language should compel, not tell. It should draw people in; magnetize them. Your branding should create an emotional connection, even from afar. You point out what’s different about your business, and those that want what makes you unique are drawn to you like the preverbal moth to a flame. Instead of being sold to, they emotionally connect to something you said and want to know more. It allows customers the feeling they’ve discovered you. This feeling of discovery is very powerful. You were strategic in creating the emotional connection but it results in their having a sense of power and being in-the-know by discovering you. And when you’ve discovered something, aren’t you excited to tell all your friends? So offer prospective customers the opportunity to feel the emotions of discovery.

Fourth emotional branding tip.

It’s a bit trickier than the others because the tips up until now have been all about identifying with your customers and knowing their perspective. So now, you really know your audience. You may even BE your audience. Like I am. I spent 32 years being a creative warrior. A lone soldier in business forging my own path to offer the world my talent as a photographer. So I am YOU in many ways. You may be your audience as well. Or you at least have done the work to totally get them and their perspective. But there’s an important distinction that needs to be made. While you are your audience, you are also a leader or expert to your audience. The reason this is important is because while you are they, they are also looking to you as the leader and expert. They are looking to count on and rely on you. You have a different responsibility. You want to be in the trenches with them so they know your service or message can satisfy their need or solve their problem. While at the same time, you must make them feel comforted and secure by your leadership and expertise. This is what commands your price. You are they AND you are leading them. That’s good leadership. Good leadership creates successful businesses.

The fifth emotional branding tip.

Understand how you and your brand are perceived by those you want to serve. There’s a lot of personal responsibility in this. And choice. If you want to be successful, and of course you do, it’s imperative that you understand how you and your brand are perceived by your audience. And if it’s not working for you, change it. (If you choose to, that is.) You know how some people say, “That’s just who I am.” Well, that’s all well and good but if who you are doesn’t align emotionally with who you want to serve, you have a few choices. Either change, move on to find a different audience, or don’t get the work. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to make sure your personal style and your business brand fit into a lane that is true to who you are and wide enough for you to be successful at the same time.

Source: Huffing Ton Post

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