What is marketing strategy?

Internet marketing agency It is the plan to achieve the business objectives. As simple as that. A strategy represents the set of actions designed to achieve the objectives defined in the marketing plan. What is the difference between marketing strategies and tactics?If the strategy is the plan...

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Women are key in the decision of 88% of purchases

Internet marketing agency   A study with revealing dataPrevious research, with a focus on what women expect from a brand that is capable of connecting with them, was carried out based on desk research, followed by a qualitative study in a discussion group format with a broad spectrum of women....

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How marketing helps the company.

Internet marketing agency In the US, companies invest 50% of the RRP of their products in marketing 85% of the companies in the ranking are based in the US Marketing is the strategic tool that will make us foresee, predict and, above all, show us the way to an efficient management of companies,...

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Secrets to have the best Facebook page

Internet marketing agency 1. Photos in profile and coverNot having a profile photo is like your passport or ID does not have your photo, so identifying yourself would be difficult. The first thing you should assess is the size of the photos, since both the cover and the profile photo must cover the...

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