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We can define programmatic very briefly as the automated purchase of advertising space to impact the specific audience to which you want to sell the product.

We are going to find greater efficiency and the greater adaptation and integration of auditory advertising formats, remember that we started this post talking about audio, and in programmatic we will also have audio, the use of artificial intelligence for campaign optimization, and all of this is important right now.

It is also in a preparation stage for the issue of the absence of third-party cookies, we spoke earlier when we were mentioning the issue of data, what is happening, that each time, with the limitation of access to cookies, the programmatic that is based on data also has to be rethinking how to work to be able to reach in a much more impactful way, let's say to potential clients, and obviously to the integration of programming in outdoor spaces and on television, avoiding many times receiving impacts from television advertising, In the end between an advertisement, between one television program and another, when they show you the advertisement, how much of that advertisement is really your target audience, you will realize that there is a lot that is not, that is, there is an advertisement that you are a man and the Advertising that you see is for women, or you are a woman and advertising that you see is for men, they show you a car that you would never buy, it shows you a type of clothing that you would not buy, Or maybe I'm watching TV and they show me an anti-wrinkle cream for women, and I say “they are spending an impact on me that doesn't make sense”.

Then television will also evolve towards programmatic advertising in order to deliver that segmented advertising that improves conversion rates, which is ultimately what is being sought throughout this part.


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