Practical Tips to Improve Your Social Media

Houston Internet Marketing for Small Business

Add Value to Your Profiles

Stop thinking of your profiles as an obligation and start thinking about them as an opportunity.

Don't Be a Zombie

Anyone can use social media—but not anyone can use it well. The difference between having a presence and having a presence that works for your business often lies in one simple thing: not being merely present.

Find Your Focus

Before you start posting away on every known social media platform, just hit pause and consider what you’re hoping to accomplish. There are so many different sites now—and each with its own quirks and benefits—that trying to use them all is like trying to boil the ocean.

Leverage Trending Topics

Even the most creative among us will burn out trying to constantly think of new, fresh topics. Instead, make use of what’s already going on around you. Trending topics provide the automatic advantage of tying your content to something that people are clearly interested in (otherwise, they wouldn’t be trending topics).

Make Use of Video

When social media first started, it was all about static updates but today’s social media landscape is filled with multimedia content. Think of how to show your audience rather than just tell them.

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04 Houston Internet Marketing for Small Business

Houston Internet Marketing for Small Business.

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