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Social media, or social networking, is a relatively recent phenomenon in the world of business and commerce. Most businesses have understood the marketing potential of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. But some struggle to adopt social media presence in a smooth, streamlined way.

Whether your company is brand new, growing steadily, or already widely known, social media brings real value to your brand. The following list highlights five ways that social media can benefit your company.

  1. Connection

Just as social media connects one friend to another or a celebrity to a fan base, it can also connect a business to a consumer audience. If your company has a storefront—and if you’ve done enough advertising—customers will connect with you by walking in through the door.

But if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can connect with thousands of people through the internet, and they can connect to you. You’re able to transmit ideas, logos, products, and messages to your followers.

  1. Relatability

The moment your company gains momentum on social media is the moment that your customers trust you. When a potential client perceives you as a fellow user of social media, he or she will be much more likely to buy your products or use your services.

The beauty of social media is that it places everybody on the same level. A large business like Herbal Essences can post messages, photos, or videos just as your 13-year-old nephew can. And best of all, your company brand will gain more and more recognition as users peruse your accounts.

  1. Brand Promotion

Social media has popularized the term “hashtag” in the last five or six years—so much so that it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014. When users create a hashtag, they tag a word or phrase that links to other content with the same tag. As trendy as they might be, your company could benefit greatly from using hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

When you use a hashtag, you promote a company-specific motto or slogan to other social media users. A catchy hashtag coupled with keen marketing prowess can go a long way to spread knowledge of your company to others.

  1. Immediate Feedback

If your company is about to launch a new initiative or unveil some new product, you hope your target audience will approve, support, or be willing to buy it. Social media is a great medium through which to gauge users’ anticipation. Send some subtle tweets that something exciting is coming. Or, tease your business’s next big project with a sneak peek photograph on Instagram.

In the case that your new venture flops, social media may save the day. Case in point: in 2010, the clothing retailer Gap decided to change its iconic logo to an admittedly more generic, blasé one. Consumers immediately voiced their dislike of the new logo on Gap’s Facebook page. Within a week, Gap took these comments into consideration and reverted back to its original logo.

  1. More Website Traffic

Think of a social media account as an ever-updating billboard for your company. It’s accessible, it’s user-friendly, and in most cases, it draws your target audience into the conversion funnel. When people begin to notice your business while they swipe at their phone or tablet screens, they’ll begin to visit your website for more information.

More consumer traffic to your website can increase your search engine ranking. And when you include links to your social media accounts on your website, your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube page will receive more traffic too. Taking advantage of social media means more than just feeling hip—it amplifies your SEO strategies and bolsters your online marketing tactics.

Source: Boostability

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