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What Is a Landing Page? Everything You Need to Create One That Converts!

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Different Types of Landing Pages

Landing pages are usually defined or strategized based on their offer. Obviously the goal from an inbound marketing perspective is to collect leads, but you have to consider what’s in it for your persona as well.

You also need to offer them something in return. Most people don’t like to give away their contact info (especially not their address or phone number) just because a page is pretty.

The page doesn’t have to offer anything extravagant or extreme, but it has to be something of real value to your persona -- something that fulfills a need or relieves a pain point.

Let’s take a look at how you can approach landing pages for different types of offers.

  1. Long-form Content

In inbound marketing, long-form content is one of the most common types of an offer to appear on a landing page.

On this landing page, you usually present a free eBook or another type of document that holds valuable, relevant information that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Let’s say your company sells WordPress themes and your ideal persona could benefit from an eBook that lists the “Top Twenty Must-Have WordPress Plugins.”

On your landing page, you must convince your audience that they need this offer and that is worth exchanging their contact information for.

With this in mind, consider including:

  • A cover photo
  • An excerpt or snippet
  • Bullet points highlighting the content
  • Customer reviews
  • Share/Download numbers
  1. Free Trial/Demo

People are indecisive and often need to eliminate all doubt before taking action. What better way to convince someone who is on the fence about your service than to let them test it out for free?

Even if they decide to cancel after their free trial period, you still have more opportunities to improve your bottom line.

When it comes to this landing page you should include:

  • Product Benefits/Value
  • Customer Reviews
  • Trial Terms: Length of the Trial, Features Available, Any Guarantees (No credit card needed, risk-free, etc.)
  1. News/Updates

For this landing page, your persona signs up to be the first to know about updates at your organization (i.e. a new product launch, a new blog article, etc.).

Does your business already have a thriving customer base or large following of loyal fans? This offer, while it may not seem like much, can be extremely valuable to those people.

The people who lineup and say “take my email, I want to know immediately when this is available” are the same people who say “shut-up and take my money!”

For this landing page, consider keeping the form short (perhaps just requiring an email address and first name, or just email) and include information about what, when, and how. If someone is signing up for a product launch notification, for instance, this may include:


  • Launch Date (even if tentative)
  • What to Expect (in terms of communication)
  • Value of the New Product/Website (Features, services, etc.)
  1. Coupon, Discount, or Free Gift Card

However you decide to position it, this offer is all about money; either saving a prospect it or giving it away.

One of the great things about using this offer is that it doesn’t cost you anything until the prospect becomes a customer.

A content offer takes time and/or money to produce; a free trial uses various resources from your business, but a good ol’ fashioned discount requires no resources upfront.

For this landing page, the benefit is rather clear. Instead of just trying to sell the reader on the value, focus your landing page on highlighting the offer terms and maybe even highlighting something they could use the coupon on.

  1. A Physical Gift

Mailing your readers a free gift like a t-shirt, stickers, or other company “swag,” it is a great way to “delight” your customers and get free exposure. (i.e. If you give someone a free t-shirt, every time they wear that out and about, your brand is reaching a new audience.)

With this landing page, you can collect not only an email address but also collect a physical address so you can mail them the gift. While this isn’t a priority for inbound marketing, it does open another line of communication for the future if needed.

On this page you may also want to include:

  • An Image of the Free Gift
  • Terms (Reassure your audience that their address is safe, provide an estimated delivery time, etc.)

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