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5 SEO tips to position a Website in 2018

Website Development in Houston

If you have just created your company's website or have had it for a long time but you cannot get visits and sell your products or services, I recommend you invest a bit of time in making a good SEO strategy.

There are many factors that you have to take into account when positioning a website, social media also play an important role. For getting benefits of social media you need to increase followers of social media profiles, here you can buy real Instagram followers.

If you follow these SEO tips to position a Website in 2017, you will upload a few positions in a short time.


The first of the SEO tips is about Link building. Google sees the links as recommendations. That is, if a website puts a link pointing to your page, understand that it is recommending you and, if the Web has a lot of relevance and authority, the linked page will go up a few hit positions, especially if it is very low.

However, these links, also called backlinks, cannot be of any kind.

There are Do Follow links and No Follow links. The former pass authority from the source page to the destination page while the latter do not.

As you can imagine, those that interest us are the Do Follow that come from Websites with a high domain authority. The higher it is, the greater the push up in the results.

For this reason, I recommend that you start getting quality links or backlinks from Web Pages related to your topic and that have a domain authority superior to yours. Your SEO Position will thank you.

Keyword Research

The second SEO advice for 2017 is that you do a good Keyword Research since it is the basis of any SEO strategy.

It does not help that you have optimized your website and your content with keywords that have few searches or whose level of competence is very high.

Therefore, I recommend that before making any optimization, write down in a list the keywords you want to position and go to a keyword tool such as KWFinder and see if it makes up for using them or, if on the contrary, there are other alternatives that may be more interesting for you

The optimal option is not to choose keywords with many searches. The best thing is to target mid and long tail keywords that, although they have fewer monthly searches, have a lower competition that you can deal with.

So that you know how to do a good Keyword Research with KWFinder, here is an explanatory video of the whole process, step by step and from scratch:

Friendly URL with keywords

One of the factors that work best now and will continue to do so in 2017 is the introduction of the main keyword in the domain name and in the URLs of the rest of your sections.

If you have not started your project yet and want to position it as quickly as possible, I advise you to choose your domain by thinking about your main keyword. That is, if for example you have a florist in Madrid, a good domain name would be

On the other hand, the rest of the URLs of your Website must be friendly. This means that you must enter keywords that make sense with the content in the slug of the URL, in order to avoid the use of parameters and rare characters that a person does not understand.

If you use a CMS like WordPress, the default URLs are not friendly so you will have to go to Settings> Permanent links and select the option "Name of the entry". In this way, each time you create a new page or article, the URL will contain the title described. However, I still recommend that you edit and shorten it leaving only the main keywords.

CTR + Rebound Percentage

Another of the SEO tips that will succeed in 2017 is to take care of the bounce rate and try to increase the CTR.

The CTR is the percentage of clicks that your results take with respect to the times that appear in the SERPS of Google. If users click a lot on your pages, more than the ones you have above, Google will understand that your link is better than your competitors and will go up little by little.

The bounce rate is the rate of users who have gone to your website and have gone back where they came from without interacting with it. This mainly occurs because your title announces something that you do not show in the content, or because you have some usability and responsiveness problem for some specific devices.

For 2018 Google has already said that the user experience will be one of the key factorsof Positioning. And the CTR and the bound rebound percentage are one of the best indicators of this.

I give you an example.

Imagine that a user searches Google for a keyword and your result comes out the second. The person will usually click on the first and see if it was what he was looking for. If when you reach the page you do not find what you are looking for and leave it, Google will take it as a negative point for that Web.

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