10 Signs You Need a New Website

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Redesigning your business website is a large undertaking. Review the list below to determine how likely a candidate you are for a new website. We’re definitely not trying to give you website envy or diagnose a need that isn’t real. This is simply our list of signs you should look out for when thinking about getting a new website.

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Why It Is Important to Update Content Regularly

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That thinking it is old school now. The new, improved, and far more interesting web is more competitive. Being active, engaged and involved is what we want from our visitors, and to get that we have to be active, engaged and involved, too.

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7 Reasons You Need a Small Business Website

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1. Business Credibility

A 2015 study performed by Verisign reported that 84% consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than those without an online presence. To take it one step further, the study also concluded that 65% of consumers considered a company branded email to be more credible than to a generic email account such as Gmail, Outlook.com, AOL, or Yahoo mail.

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8 Ways to Sell More on Social Media

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Social selling is ultimately about building relationships. But before you build them, you need to make sure you choose the right network and grow your audience. Then, you can build relationships, provide value and nurture leads.

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